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About Popickle

Popickle.com is all about style panache and lots of oomph.  It’s mainly a lifestyle site catering to those looking for a one of a kind designer product, be it apparel, accessories, shoes, bags, artifacts, soft furnishing, kids apparel and more. True to its tag line ‘Pick your Fashion’;  it gives a wide array of affordable upcoming designer products to choose and pick that perfect flattering style that you are looking for to complement your attitude. Stylize your wardrobe with style tips from our designers.

But wait. There is also a ‘Pop Up Shop’ section in popickle, for those looking for some constant variety , along with the permanent section where you can browse and buy to your heart’s content.

Those looking for plus sizes or super small sizes can shop with our preorder section of designers. Looking for discounts and offers? Check out our sale section which offers discounts on a wide variety of designer products.